The Club was founded in June 1935 as a result of a meeting called by Dr. E. Hindle and held at the Dog Owners Club, St. Ermins, London SW1 which was attended by Lt. Col Spurrier D.S.O., Mrs. Millicent Howard and six other Miniature Dachshund breeders. It was registered with the Kennel Club on the 4th July 1935.

In 1947 a “Standard of Points” was prepared in which a most important factor was the weight limit stipulation of not more than 11 lbs. (5 kilos). The Kennel Club rules stated that scales must always be provided for Miniature

Classes, and dogs must be weighed when entering the ring for their class, and if they are overweight this should be considered a most serious fault. (This rule still applies at the present day and is most rigidly observed).

As a result of a request made to the Kennel Club in September 1948 for separate breed status approval was received in January 1949 that recognition would be given as separate breeds for Dachshunds Miniature Smooth-haired and Dachshund Miniature Long-haired. In 1950 11 sets of C.C.’s were allocated to Miniature Dachshunds for the year 1950.

In 1953 the Club made itself responsible for the Miniature Wire-haired breed and made an application to the Kennel Club for the Club to hold a Championship show for Miniatures in 1954, but permission was not forthcoming. The first show confined to Miniatures was held on the 16th April 1955. The Kennel Club granted separate register and championship status for Miniature Wire-haired Dachshunds in January 1958.
For the Club show in March 1962 the Club was allocated C.C.’s for Miniature Smooths. In February 1975 the Club held its first show with C.C.’s for each of its three breeds.

The Club celebrated its Golden Jubilee in 1985.