Patron: The Countess of Hopetoun
President: Mrs Judy Squires EMAIL
Vice Presidents: Mrs Di Moate, Mrs Gladys Mead.
Hon. Vice President : Mrs Dawn Norton
Chairman of Committee: Mrs Dawn Norton
Hon. Secretary: Tina West  EMAIL    07846 648118
Hon: Treasurer Mr Marc Smith
Committee: Mrs Ann Beckett-Bradshaw, Mr Terry Crossman, Mrs Jane Cule, Ms Bryony Fossett, Ms Sarah Herald, Mrs Jane Howells, Mrs Jacquie Pitfield, Mrs Maureen Poole, Ms Wendy Starkey, Mrs Laura Sexton, Mr Marc Smith
Cup Steward: Wendy Starkey
Editor of Magazine : Jacqueline Pitfield       EMAIL
Membership Secretary: Jacqueline Pitfield       EMAIL
Website Editor  : Mrs Fay Hutchings      EMAIL