Patron: The Countess of Hopetoun
President: Mrs Judy Squires EMAIL
Vice Presidents: Mrs Di Moate, Mrs Gladys Mead.
Hon. Vice President : Mrs Dawn Norton
Chairman of Committee: Mrs Dawn Norton
Hon. Secretary: Tina West  EMAIL    07846 648118
Assistant Secretary: Vicki Wand
Hon: Treasurer Mr Terry Crossman   EMAIL
Committee: Mrs Jane Cule, Revd. A Fairchild, Mr Jeremy Goddard, Mrs Jane Howells, Mrs J Pitfield, Mrs Maureen Poole, Ms Wendy Starkey, Mrs Laura Sexton,
Cup Steward: Wendy Starkey
Editor of Magazine : Jacqueline Pitfield       EMAIL
Membership Secretary: Jacqueline Pitfield       EMAIL
Website Editor  : Mrs Fay Hutchings      EMAIL