Judge: Sue Seath



Judge : Sue Seath (Sunsong)


Best in Show

BIS - Suzanne Metcalfe-Bilgin's Metadale Legacy to the Lark

RBIS - Roy Wood's Ch Wildstar Wrobinson


Best Puppy in Show

BPIS - Sabrina Jone's Bimini Chasing Moonbeams

RBPIS - Carole Worswick's Dolyharp Sonatina


Best Veteran in Show

BVIS - Steve Rose's Ch Ridanflight Ricardo


Best In Show -  Metcalfe-Bilgin’s Metadale Legacy To The Lark


Beautifully balanced clear red Miniature Smooth bitch of 15 months.  Pleasing head and expression with dark eye and strong jaw.  Good reach of neck, flowing into well laid shoulders.  Well bodied with firm topline and flowing underline.  Stands absolutely true in front and behind.  Good spring and length of rib.  Well angulated hindquarters complete the picture.  She held her shape at all times both on the move and in stance.  Free-flowing movement viewed in profile and parallel action coming and going. Pleased to hear later that she became a well-deserved Champion today.


Reserve Best In Show - Wood’s Ch. Wildstar Wrobinson


Elegant dark red Miniature Longhaired dog.  Another with a well balanced, eye-catching outline in stance.  Particularly admired his excellent head and correctly shaped, dark, oval eye.  Well constructed at both ends with correctly placed shoulders and well angulated hindquarters.  Well boned with good substance.  Excellent presentation.  Moved steadily and held his topline in profile.  Displayed sound up and back action.



Best Puppy In Show


Best Puppy In Show -  Jones’ Bimini Chasing Moonbeams


Caught my attention on entering the ring.  Outstanding brindle Miniature Wire bitch with super outline and effortless free movement.  Beautifully proportioned with attractive head, dark, oval eye and keen expression.  Reachy neck flows into well laid and correctly placed shoulders.  Firm, level topline held at all times both on the move and in stance.  Good spring and length of rib and flowing underline.  Well angulated quarters complete the picture.  Firm, level topline displayed in profile movement and was parallel moving up and back.  Royally bred from two homebred Champions, I see.  Her breeder should be justly proud of this exciting puppy. 


Reserve Best Puppy In Show - Worswick’s Dollyharp Sonatina


Attractive cream Miniature Longhaired bitch.  A little bit unsure on the table, but held her well-balanced outline in stance and on the move.  Well constructed throughout with good bone and substance and well sprung ribs.  Loved her correctly proportioned head and dark, almond-shaped eye.  Just needs to gain in confidence to make the best of herself.


Best Veteran In Show


This was my most difficult decision of the day and I was completely torn between these two lovely dogs of completely different type!


Best Veteran - Rose’s Ch. Ridanflight Ricardo


Compact and chunky brindle Miniature Wirehaired male.  Eye-catching outline in stance with bold, alert expression and shows himself off well on the move.  Attractive head, good length of neck, flowing seamlessly into well placed shoulders and good length of upper arm to complement.  Well-bodied with good spring of rib, level topline and sweeping underline.  Stands true at both ends and has parallel action up and back.  Holds his outline in profile movement.


Reserve Best Veteran - Daykin’s Ch. Barratini Jonny Cash


Elegant dark red Miniature Smooth dog I have previously awarded a Reserve CC to when he was a youngster.  He still appeals to me greatly.  Completely different type to the Min Wire, being longer in body.  Beautiful head and expression, super length of neck, well laid shoulders, firm and level topline and hind angulation in balance with forequarter construction.  Flows round the ring in profile, with proud head carriage and keeps his lovely outline at all times.  Just not quite as firm behind in stance and going away action as my winner and this was the deciding factor.