Championship Show 2012

Dachshund (Miniature Smooth Haired)

Judge: Mrs Anne Dunn (Ashridge)


Dog CC & Best of Breed

COXON D'Arisca I Do Declare


BEST OF BREED : COXON D'Arisca I Do Declare
Dog CC : COXON D'Arisca I Do Declare
Res Dog CC : ROBERTS Denver Darling Harry Potter
Bitch CC : YOUNG Willowheath Prudence
Res Bitch CC : KENT Lokmadi Crouching Tiger
Best Puppy : ROBERTS Denver Darling Harry Potter
Best Veteran : COXON Ch/Am/Can Ch Grandgables Tickle My Fancy

Veteran Dog or Bitch (2 Entries)
1st: COXON Ch/Am/Can Ch Grandgables Tickle My Fancy

Minor Puppy Dog (5 Entries)
1st: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Motivator
2nd:WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Sundance Kid
3rd: SHUKER Yewlitt Dougal

Puppy Dog (4 Entries)
1st: ROBERTS Denver Darling Harry Potter
2nd:SHELTON Barisse High Octane
3rd: WORTON Cwmdarhian Va Va Voom

Junior Dog (7 Entries)
1st: KENT Lokmadi Ocean's Eleven JW
2nd: SHUTT Donnadoon Le Mousquetaire
3rd: WILLIAMS Stargang Jaguar for Cwmdarhian
Res: SHELTON Barisse A Touch Of Magic

Post Graduate Dog (6 Entries)
1st: PHILLIPS Jentiki Red Chilli Pepper
2nd:ROBERTS Denver Darling Dumbledor
3rd: YEOMANS Klynerbyner True To Form
Res: BURTON Swingletrees Just-In-Time

Limit Dog (10 Entries)
1st: BURTON Swingletrees Ready Teddy Go
2nd: BLACKBURN Ambiesque Aelle At Stargang
3rd: MUGGLETON Mosiarto Mister Big
Res: ROBERTS Denver Darling Echo Falls
VHC: WORTON Cwmdarhian Little Monty

Open Dog (5 Entries)
1st: COXON D'Arisca I Do Declare
2nd: HUNT Ch Carpaccio Captain Scarlet JW
3rd: ROBERTS Ch Denver Midnight Sun
Res: WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Can't Touch This
VHC: YEOMAN Klynerbyner Vim and Vigour

Minor Puppy Bitch (18 Entries)
1st: YOUNG Willowheath Prudence
2nd: ROBERTS Bronia Caprice to Denver
3rd: MITCHELL Bronia Carmina at Imirika
Res: PHILLIPS Mosiarto Top Totty at Daxphilly
VHC: SHUTT Donnadoon Thats My Girl

Puppy Bitch (12 Entries)
1st:  KENT Lokmadi Crouching Tiger
2nd: REED Deercroft Secret Love
3rd: COXON D'Arisca Dark Dahlia
Res: WILLIAMS Cwmdarhian Cara-Mia
VHC: ERGIS, MELBOURNE, & HOLDSWORTH Sioux Alliance With Melriding

Junior Bitch (16 Entries)
1st: HUNT Cwmdarhian Back To Alabama A Carpaccio
2nd: REED Cedax Octavia Surprise for Deercroft JW
3rd: KENT Lokmadi Hidden Dragon
Res: ROLLINSON Cwndarhian Mississippi for Diamonddax
VHC: COXON D'Arisca Damsal in a Dress

Post Graduate Bitch (11 Entries)
1st: MCAULAY Elnside Syrupittydodah
2nd:MUGGLETON Miss L Mosiarto Miss Fortune
3rd: YEOMANS Tythe Brown Suger at Klynerbyner
Res: SALISBURY Brocklewood Black Velvet
VHC: BURTON Swingletrees Amazing-Grace

Limit Bitch (13 Entries)
1st: MCAULAY Elnside Truffles for One
2nd: ERGIS Siouxline Thomasina JW
3rd: KERRY Kireton Agnes
Res:WINCHURCH Brianolf Opalite
VHC: ROBINSON D'Arisca Dark and Delicious

Open Bitch (5 Entries)
1st: BLACKBURN-BENNETT Stargang Serenity
2nd:COXON D'Arisca Be Dazzled
3rd: HUNT Cwmdarhian Carry On Cleo At Carpaccio JW
Res: KENT Toniajavae Indian Passion at Lokmadi JW