19th JUNE 2016




Best of Breed     Best Puppy
Mr A Barrett Ms L Muggleton Mrs C Hemmings  



BEST DOG Barrett's Ch Ayseebee Rumour Has It
RESERVE BEST DOG Muggleton's Mosiarto Mister Valentino
BEST PUPPY DOG Muggleton's Mosiarto Mister Valentino
BEST BITCH Muggleton's Mosiarto Miss Calculate
RESERVE BEST BITCH Burke & Manston's Radclyffe Zathera
BEST PUPPY BITCH Hemming's Clipperdown Gipsy Woman
Veteran Dog or Bitch Puppy Bitch (8 Entries)
1. No Entries 1. Hemming's Clipperdown Gipsy Woman
  2. Muggleton's Mosiarto Miss Match
Puppy Dog (2 Entries) 3. Robertson's Ravenwood Simply Exquisite
1. Muggleton's Mosiarto Mister Valentino 4. Hick's Glyndwr Nell Gwynne
2. Whitney's Charlinea Blake Buttons 5. Endersby's Mowbray Airs and Graces
Junior Dog (4 Entries) Junior Bitch (3 Entries)
1.Phillip's Stargang Devil-May-Care of Robinswood 1. Burke & Manston's Radclyffe Zathera
2.Yeoman's Klynerbyner Trademark 2. Hemming's Clipperdown Gipsy Woman
3. Starkey's Carpaccio Just My Luck with Hamoura 3. Bluffield's Grakknl Jasmine Black
Post Graduate Dog (1 Entry) Post Graduate Bitch
1. Phillips, Arbernik St Thomas of Robinswood 1. No Entries
Limit Dog (1 Entry) Limit Bitch (3 Entries)
1. Barrett's Ayseebee Rumour Has It 1. Muggleton's Mosiarto Miss Calculate
  2. Hemming's Clipperdown Gipsy Woman
Open Dog 3. Yeoman's Klynerbyner Kiss Untell
1. No Entries  
  Open Bitch (2 Entries)
  1. Neil-Fraser's Ch Siouxline Thomasina JW
  2. Endersby's Mowbray Miss Miranda
I wish to thank the committee of this lovely club, for inviting me to judge Miniature Smooth Haired Dachshunds at my sixth breed club show. I am pleased to have judged 706 Dachshunds and well over 250 classes of Dachshunds to date. There was quality in depth in MSH and some decisions were very close. My steward, Mrs. Norris was excellent and great company. A lovely committee full of friendly and hard working people. A pity this show clashed with Border Union Championship Dog Show. PD 1 Muggleton Mosiarto Mister Valentino. 9m red dog. Good head and eye. Decent front. Fair ribbing. Moved very well at both ends. Best Puppy Dog and Reserve Best Dog. 2 Whitney Charlinea Blake Buttons. 10m shaded red dog. Rangier puppy, which needs more time. Fair head and good outline standing and on the move. Hind action, let him down. JD A frustrating class to judge. I liked all three. 1 Phillips Stargang Devil May Care Of Robinswood. 12 m red dog, which was a little fidget on the table. I loved his head, ribbing and hindquarters. He moved well, keeping his topline. Needs, more training, inside halls. His owner, showed him well. 2 Yeoman Klynerbyner Trademark. I really liked this c/t. Good head and expression. Nice neck shoulders and tight elbows. Hammy quarters. Sadly, lost his topline on the move and tail carriage was very high. 3 Starkey, Carpaccio Just My Luck With Hamoura. 13 m dog which will probably change places with the two above, in the future. Masculine head, good front and good angulation at both ends. Ribbing is o. k. Showed and handled very well. His hind action let him down. PG 1 Phillips Arbennik S. Thomas of Robinswood. 3 year old b/t which also was a fidget on the table. Nice size. Good outline. Moved a shade wide, behind. LD 1 Barrett Ayseebee Rumour Has It. 21 m b/t which came in to the ring and owned it. He has a good head, reachy neck, lovely shoulders and tight elbows. His ribbing is carried well back. Moved with reach and drive. Coat gleamed and expertly shown. Best Of Breed and Reserve Best In Show. Congratulations. PB A lovely class of six puppies at different stages of maturity. 1 Hemming Clipperdown Gipsy Woman. 11m b/t bitch which was the most mature in this class. Feminine head. Reasonable neck, excellent topline and ribbing. Lovely temperment. Moved with style and good parallel movement at both ends. Best Puppy Bitch and Best Puppy. 2 Muggleton Mosiarto Miss Match. Another 11m bitch. Some of the above remarks apply to this puppy too. I preferred the head and movement of 1. 
3. Robertson Ravenwood Simply Exquisite. 6m bitch which lost out on maturity to the above. However, moved well and shows a lot of promise. JB 1 Burke and Manston Radclyfe Zathera. 16 m bitch which combines hound qualities and elegance. Excellent head and eye. Good neck, ribbing and hindquarters. Moved very well. She should have a rosy future. Reserve Best Bitch. 2 Hemming Clipperdown Gipsy Woman. 3 Bluffied Grakkni Jasmine Black. 17 m b/t bitch. Pleasant head and outline. Another, where hind action let her down. LB 1 Muggleton Mosiarto Miss Calculate. 20 m bitch which is a real showgirl. Fair head good front, shoulders, ribbing topline and underline. Moved correctly and with style. When it came to Best of Breed, I preferred the head carriage of the male. I am hopeful this bitch will do very well. Best Bitch. 2 Hemming Clipperdown Gipsy Woman. 3 Yeoman Klynerbyner Kiss Untell. Owner left the ring in a hurry, so no critique. OB Two good bitches. 1 Lady Neill -Fraser, Ch Siouxline Thomasina. J. W. 5 year old b/t which was shown and handled very well. Beautiful head, good front, neck, ribbing, topline and underline. Her movement was excellent. When it came, to the awards for Best Bitch and Reserve Best Bitch, I preferred the bone and feet of the winners. The owner asked me to mention this bitch has won a Gold award. Congratulations. 2 Endersby Mowbray Miss Miranda. A red bitch which I could have taken home to London. Beautiful head and expression. Excellent front, bone ribbing and hammy hindquarters. Moved with reach and drive. Sadly, today, was more than a few ounces over 11lbs. Maternal issues, I think. I wish her well in the future