19th June 2016




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Miss A B Johnson

Miss A B Johnson

Miss A B Johnson

Mr P Higgins

BEST DOG Broad's Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM
RESERVE BEST DOG Rothchild's Lyndarlea Urnbroo
BEST PUPPY DOG Rothchild's Lyndarlea Urnbroo
BEST BITCH Johnson's Charpurdy Just Willow
RESERVE BEST BITCH Johnson's Charpurdy Just Ification
BEST PUPPY BITCH Higgin's Ralines Royal Reggata at Leveliss
Veteran Dog or Bitch (1 Entry) Puppy Bitch (4 Entries)
1.Johnson's Ch Charpurdy Just Iss 1. Higgin's Ralines Royal Reggata at Leveliss
  2. Johnson's Charpurdy's Gold McEve
Puppy Dog (2 Entries)  
1.Rothchild's Lyndarlea Urnbroo Junior Bitch (1 Entry)
2.Broad's Eldmour Sea Lord of Dinkidudlor 1. Absent
Junior Dog (1 Entry) Post Graduate Bitch (1 Entry)
1.Absent 1. Johnson's Dandydayo Silent Nite at Charpurdy
Post Graduate Dog Limit Bitch (1 Entry)
1.No Entries 1. Johnson's Charpurdy Just Ification
Limit Dog Open Bitch (1 Entry)
1.No Entries 1. Johnson's Charpurdy Just Willow
Open Dog (1 Entry)  
1.Broad's Neertanauf Sea Magic JW ShCM  

I would like to thank the committee for asking me to judge the Min L/h Dachshunds at their open show it was a pleasure & a privilege. Also to the exhibitors I thank you for your entries. The welcome & hospitality I received was first class.

MIN L/H DACHSHUNDS Ė The dachshunds that I assessed today were some of the best in this coat that I have gone over. There were still dogs short in ribbing & long in the loin. A few out at their elbows. Heads were a bit plain with a few round eyes. All dogs kept a level topline & most of them had sound parallel movement.  There were no dirty teeth & all were in good condition. A pleasure to go over well kept dogs.

V 1 Johntonís Ch Charpurdy Just Iss, b/t bitch of 9 years looking in excellent condition for her age. She has a good head shape & eye. Strong arched neck & well laid shoulders. Prominent keel enough ribbing but perhaps a bit long in the loin. Good ground clearance, she moved true coming & going & kept a level topline while she moved freely around the ring. She was a bit reluctant in the challenge for BOB. PD 1 Rothchildís Lyndarlea Urnbroo, cream dog of the correct size. He has a good head, dark eye & strong teeth. Prominent keel though short in ribbing & long in the loin. He moved well viewed from the rear but a bit erratic coming towards me. He has the promise of a good coat. RBD, BPD; 2 Broadís Eldmour Sea Lord Of Dinkidudlor, red dog of 10 months. Different type to one, much rangier & needs to fill out a bit more. He is short in ribbing & long in the loin. His coat was in beautiful condition & is of the correct texture. OD Broadís Neertanauf Sea Magic, 6 year old shaded red in good condition. Pleasing head & eye strong neck running into a level topline. His outline is good & he is furnished with a presentable coat. Unfortunately like a few others he is out at elbow & I would prefer tighter feet. He kept his topline on the move. BD.

PB 1 Higginsí Ralines Royal Reggata at Leveliss, 9 month old cream bitch of beautiful type. A bit on the tubby side at the moment, but everything in the right place. She has a well shaped head & dark eye & the promise of a good coat. She moved around the ring well on tidy tight feet. BP; 2 Johnsonís Chapurdyís Gold McEve, 10 month old red bitch. Still a raw baby with rather a plain head and round eye. She has good big feet that need to tighten up & her pasterns need to strengthen. Her coat is coming in nicely. She was a bit apprehensive today. PGB 1 Johnsonís Dandydayo Silent Nite at Charpurdy, this red bitch looked well when stacked. She has a prominent keel though her sternum should go further back to give her a longer rib cage. She carried herself well around the ring & her coat is in good condition. LB 1 Johnsonís Charpurdy Just Ification, 3 year old b/t bitch. I liked this bitch & thought she was my winner. She looks good stacked very well proportioned. She has a correct shaped head, good strong arched neck, prominent keel, well laid shoulders & level topline.  A happy little person on the move & all finished off with a good coat. RBB, RBOB. OB 1 Johnsonís Charpurdy Just Willow, litter sister to the limit bitch. She was very pleasing while stacked. She has a well shaped head but would prefer a more almond shaped eye. Her neck flows well into her shoulder & her topline is level. Her keel is prominent & she has a good underline. Good sized tight feet & enough coat with attractive markings. A very pretty bitch.  BB, BOB.